RealDrums Set 5c - Mambo and Samba

What is RealDrums Set 5c - Mambo and Samba?

RealDrums Set 5c – Mambo and Samba is one of the audio content packages supplied by PG Music for Band-in-a-Box software owners. Band-in-a-Box is essentially a program that can be used to author musical tracks with audio or instrumental samples and sound editing tools. The range of samples is quite large, with just about every popular band or orchestral instrument covered in the content packages, which are downloadable and purchased separately. This use of content samples to generate multi-instrumental audio is what gave rise to the Band-in-a-Box name.

The RealDrums sets are of course just one of the many categories of the content packages supplied by PG Music: specifically, they are a high-quality content package for those who want highly realistic and engaging percussion beats for use in their musical compositions. The reason the RealDrums sets deliver in these areas is that they are recordings of real percussion musicians as opposed to synthesized audio: they give MIDI drum audio recordings a definite run for their money. Set 5c of the Real Drums series provides percussion rhythms and beats specifically for the samba and mambo musical genres.

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