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If you are looking for RapidSketch, you have come to the right place. We explain what RapidSketch is and point you to the official download.

What is RapidSketch?

Utilant’s RapidSketch software is used to make floor plans and assess floor plan layouts. The software has tools for calculating a space’s square footage, which makes it ideal for a variety of assessments, and also supports area delineation. Areas within a sketch have their square footage calculated too when the user generates reports of his layout, with each area’s name and data provided as an entry in a list.

The drawing tools are par for the course when it comes to floor plan creation. There are some essential shape tools including—of course—the basic rectangular shape creation tool. Other shapes are also available, from ellipses to circles to octagons. This permits users to get as creative with their floor layouts as they like. Arcs can be created easily with point-and-click operation as well, and users get access to multiple level redos and undos. They also get to see the precise angle, run and rise measurements of their designs as they work.

Users can actually import images into the program for auto-tracing, converting pre-existing blueprints into digital ones in a convenient way. Finally, multiple predesigned symbols as well as the ability to make custom ones make sketch annotation and labeling easier.

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File types supported by RapidSketch

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Last updated: : November 29, 2022