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Quicken WillMaker Plus

If you are looking for Quicken WillMaker Plus, you have come to the right place. We explain what Quicken WillMaker Plus is and point you to the official download.

What is Quicken WillMaker Plus?

Quicken WillMaker Plus is an estate planning application with legal updates for free to keep it current as you work on your essential documents such as your state laws, Health Care Directive, Will, Executor Documents, Power of Attorney, Final Arrangements and more. It provides you a legal manual to help you on commonly asked questions, and a format to help you accomplish your tasks at your own pace.

The 2013 edition has updated features such as new information on estate and gift law tax, changes made to health care directive and durable power of attorney that are specific to a state and guidance to new digital assets such as documentation and collection of login information and passwords for your online accounts and devices.

One of the main functions of this application is writing your last will and testament. This legal documentation lets you dictate who will inherit your property and assets and the legal guardian [in case] for your children. You will assign your personal representative or executor for your will to be carried out. You can also state to whom you entrust your property in case your heir are young to handle such. The state law assumes the right if you don’t have your own will.

The Health Care Directive allows you to carry out a Living Will that will let you decide whether you want to prolong your life artificially and the kind of medical procedure and treatment you want to be given to you in certain situations, and a Health Care Power of Attorney wherein you allow someone to perform medical decisions for you as the situation calls for it.

You can make your final arrangements such as obituaries, memorials, cremation, burial and other related matters. You can prepare the documents for your executor such as letters, notices, checklists, claim forms, etc. You can organize information such as people to contact and important details such as bank accounts in case of your demise or sickness so that the people you will leave behind will know what to do. You can also arrange handling of financial matters such as money lent or borrowed, bill of sales and settlement of credit card accounts, and family/home documents such as promissory notes, authorizations, limited power of attorney and practical forms for your elders or children.

The application runs on Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista. It requires Pentium 400MHz, 512MB RAM, 54MB hard disk space, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, 800x600 monitor, Internet connection for online features and printer for your documents and forms.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012