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What is Professional Browser?

The Professional Browser from Beyond (actually more properly the “20/20 Professional Browser”, which gives a better idea of what it does) is meant for use with Statistics Canada IVT tables. Essentially, this is a data browser, a utility that aids people in making sense of information by supplying powerful visualization tools. Data can be visualized in various ways using the Beyond browser, including through advanced charting and mapping features that engage user’s visual learning and analysis skills to further improve data uptake and processing. Census data, for instance, can be mapped to bring out patterns or trends, allowing users to see hints at the story the data is telling that could be concealed by the staid, static number table format.

Using the Beyond 20/20 Professional Browser also makes it easier for users to find particular instances within large datasets: it helps them find, for instance, all the individuals who meet criteria A, B, and C at the same time with very little effort. The program is thus ideal for anyone working with large datasets in the IVT file format and who does not have advanced familiarity with SQL.

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