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What is PPLive?

PPLive is a program that allows users to access TV programs on their computers: programs accessed are available for free and are from all around the globe. The program itself is actually Chinese, so the interface is in Chinese; however, it does have an option for changing the user interface’s language to English.

Due to the main target market being Chinese users, many of the programs accessible from the feeds that PPLive can tune into are Chinese as well. The program relies on a P2P network for its streams, after all, and since majority of viewers/users on that network are Chinese, it only makes sense that Chinese-language programs would dominate. That having been said, it is not impossible to find English-language options here, especially the more popular US TV shows. Most shall be subtitled but will have kept their English audio—the only real problem with them, in fact, is usually finding them based on the sometimes-bizarre Chinese translations of their titles. Still, users can search using categories, so that might help narrow down the field.

The software has its own media player for content viewing but can also link to other programs on your computer.

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File types supported by PPLive

Our users primarily use PPLive to open these file types:

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