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The CELSYS Pose Studio software is a program used to support artists—usually digital artists—by providing a dynamic anatomical model for them to use as an artistic reference. That is, it functions as model-posing software, supplying artists with an editable human model in 3D that can be adjusted to take myriad poses. The poses supplement artists’ skills by helping them figure out logically and anatomically correct human body shapes for poses they want their drawn characters to take and can also aid them in figuring out shadow and depth values.

The software is extremely easy to operate, being largely mouse-controlled: there are key shortcuts for particular functions too, of course, and these can be accessed by right-clicking to see the hotkey menu. Model dynamics cover even finer body details such as hand and finger movements, and users are given several options for model rendering, so that they can choose whether they prefer to see their anatomical models as translucent shapes, shaded 3D objects, and more. The program naturally restricts movement range to only poses that humans can actually take, so users are assured of realism in their posing options.

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Last updated: : August 25, 2014