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PlayMemories Home

If you are looking for PlayMemories Home, you have come to the right place. We explain what PlayMemories Home is and point you to the official download.

What is PlayMemories Home?

PlayMemories Home is an application that comes together with 2012 Sony Cameras that lets you organize your videos and photos and make quick searches for your images. The version included in the camera package is PlayMemories Home Lite. The full version is downloadable online for free for you to enjoy the extended features.

The software organizes your photos in calendar view by sorting them according to the shooting date. There are several features for viewing and searching for your photos and videos. You can view them by list categorized by labels or folders, or you can view the thumbnails of your videos. You can playback images instantly.

You can share your videos and photos on your social network such as Picasa, Facebook and YouTube in MP4 and VGA formats. You can play, import and manage progressive videos. You can import and play 3D videos in 2D. 3D videos cannot be recorded directly to HD DVD with the same quality. The 3D component must be converted to 2D before saving the HD video to DVD. One-touch recording of Blu-ray is not available in this application. You need a compatible hard drive for your Blu-ray recording.

Straightforward cut-editing of 3D videos and uploading of 3D videos to Youtube for conversion to 2D are extended features that are included in the full version. You need anaglyphic glasses to view 3D videos. Another extended feature is combining multiple videos into a single video file. Other extensions include making HD DVD for your videos and photos. You create DVD in AVCHD format that you can play on devices such as PlayStation console or Blu-ray recorders.
Aside from 3Ds, FX and PS cannot be directly recorded to DVD with the same quality for your image in HD. Progressive 60p must be converted to 60i before saving your HD to DVD. FX images should be converted by re-encoding to lower bit rate before recording HD DVD. You can capture photos from videos. You can cut unwanted scenes from your videos and save the edited video as another file. Your photos and videos can be geotagged using Sony cameras with GPS compatibility. PlayMemories Home can retouch images, create discs with menus and produce short movies for your videos on VAIO computers.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012