What is PlasmaCAM?

PlasmaCAM is a package of hardware and software for plasma cutting of metal pieces, whether for use in some other construction or as parts of metal art. PlasmaCAM actually refers more properly to the hardware, although some also refer to the software by this name: the proper name for the software, however, is PlasmaCAM DesignEdge.

PlasmaCAM DesignEdge was made specifically for the brand’s hardware, but it has been confirmed to work with other machines. The downside is that some of its features become unavailable with other machinery. One of the biggest draws of the application, for instance, is its ability to control the PlasmaCAM hardware directly. This means that drawings on the screen and software are the direct sources for the cutting operations of the machine. This is not always available with other cutting equipment, even if one uses the same application, so users may end up having to add the middle step of generating machine programs specifying cutting paths when using other gear.

DesignEdge is also only used with programmable equipment. The file formats it can use for exporting are DXF, HPGL/2, and G-Code.

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Download PlasmaCAM (external link)

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File types supported by PlasmaCAM

Our users primarily use PlasmaCAM to open these file types:

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