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What is PaintStar?

PaintStar is a free program that can be used for most photo editing operations, from layering to GIF creation. Many of the tools that can be found in PaintStar are more or less standard for photo editing applications (albeit paid ones, though): for example, there are configurable brushes, filters, algorithm-based image auto-adjustment controls, textures, and filters. There are also different utilities for selecting images or parts of images for detail editing.

Many file formats can be imported and exported by the program, including the following common suspects: PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF and GIF. On the subject of GIFs, the program is capable of making them through its image morpher. Basically, a user can select a base image to be transformed into another image and the tool creates the frames that demonstrate the sequences of the transformation. These sequences can be saved as separate images or as a single animated GIF image.

Multiple path editing is supported for those who want a vector-compatible drawing tool, as is multi-layer combination (26 layer combinations are available by default). There are also over a hundred filters prepacked into the software.

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File types supported by PaintStar

Our users primarily use PaintStar to open these file types:

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