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What is NEOACT Carom?

Carom 3D is a multiplayer online game that simulates pool and billiards games. It was developed by Comworm and eventually published by Neoact for the Windows platform in 1999. The game was originally an amateur-developed application, but it became popular merely a year after release, especially in Korea. Since its release to 2005, it was a free application, with absolutely no paid elements. These entered the scene in 2005: not as entry tokens for actual play but rather as premium add-ons or “luxuries” within the game, such as customizations to players’ game characters.

Since the game was developed to take place in a 3D environment, real-life physics knowledge of how to play the game could improve a player’s performance in it. Players logged into the game’s servers to pit themselves against others around the world. At the beginning of 2014, however, the servers shut down without any announcements from the publisher. Users subsequently began to create their own server to continue playing Carom 3D. Several users with game development experience also reverse-engineered the program’s server protocol, so users would be able to continue using Carom 3D.

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Last updated: : June 24, 2014