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What is MoodLogic?

MoodLogic was the software component of the MoodLogic website experience. The program was capable of doing so many things that it merited the somewhat indefinite description its own marketers gave it, which was that of being a “mood companion”. Basically, it was a music profiling program that could access the online MoodLogic song database. Profiling was community-based and profiles were defined by moods: songs that tended to be profiled by users as belonging to a particular mood were thus searchable for users looking to make playlists of songs promoting that mood.

The program could thus function as a playlist maker as well. Beyond that, it could function as a digital song suggestion service, offering songs to the user based on mood selections, genres, tempos, and the likes. It could also read song metadata for use in organizing users’ libraries or audio databases. Even more importantly, it could correct particular types of metadata. Erroneous ID3 tags, for example, were generally detected automatically by the program, which then moved on to correct them without needing the prompting of the user. The utility was accessible only to PC users.

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File types supported by MoodLogic

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