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What is MindGenius?

MindGenius is a software used for mind-mapping which can be generally be used for business purposes. The software allows users to capture, use information, and visualize any set of information discussed during meetings and conferences. The software is also intended to be used in handling business processes that aids in making essential business decisions and in managing businesses.

MindGenius also lets users to plan out projects, events, strategies, workload and tasks that could meet project requirements rapidly. With the use of the software, business risks and constraints can be limited and controlled. The software is also equipped with technology that allows recording of conversations and capturing of actions during the conduct of a meeting.

MindGenius can also be used to gain better understanding of a task or a project. It can be used to visualize pieces of information as well as the outcome of the meeting itself. Users could also make use of this software to clearly communicate project scopes and limitations. Using a data capturing system, plans of action can easily be presented and generated. The software is compatible with Windows-based systems.

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