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Microsoft Windows Performance Analyzer

What is Microsoft Windows Performance Analyzer?

Microsoft Windows Performance Analyzer is a program that is used to open even trace logs, generally for troubleshooting purposes. The software generates a graphical and tables report of event trace logs to enable the user to identify potential issues, thereby providing information on what needs to be addressed to prevent the occurrence potentially harmful system issues.

The report is generated after Windows Performance Recorder, or other assessment tools, records the event trace logs. The program is part of the software Windows ADK, otherwise known as Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit.

The program is a useful tool in analyzing all areas of your computer’s Windows OS, as it enables you to see all system activities; and also check memory statuses and stability of power source; ultimately providing you with helpful information with regards to problematic areas of the OS.

The User Interface provides a one-click access to the features of the program: Graph Explorer, Analysis Tab, Issues Window, Details Window and Diagnostic Console.

The Graph Explorer provides the user with thumbnails of graphs that can be accessed for a detailed look of system activities; while the Analysis Tab allows the user to drag a specific graphical thumbnail to the analysis window, so the user can view a more in-depth analysis of the graphical recording. A Legend to explain each entry in the table is provided on the left side of the analysis window.

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File types supported by Microsoft Windows Performance Analyzer

Our users primarily use Microsoft Windows Performance Analyzer to open these file types:

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