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MGI Software Corp. VideoWave

If you are looking for MGI Software Corp. VideoWave, you have come to the right place. We explain what MGI Software Corp. VideoWave is and point you to the official download.

What is MGI Software Corp. VideoWave?

This is the latest incarnation of MGI’s video editing software. This software is aimed mostly for beginners, and has a user-friendly interface. It has special effects, and users can also import all sorts of media files, including MP3s. They can also publish their videos directly to the web, CD-ROM, or back out to tape. Just like any type of video software, VideoWave does have a few limitations. But it should get beginning editors ready to start making movies quickly. VideoWave is composed of seven different integrated windows. These windows allow users to create their projects. The interface has a nice look and feel. Its workspace is not overcrowded, and fits nicely onto the screen.

VideoWave contains a Cutting Room window that can be used for trimming clips on the timeline. The Darkroom allows users to adjust the clips’ brightness. The Effects window houses special effects that users can apply to their clips, including the picture-in-picture. Meanwhile, the Transition window has different transitions, from straight cut, to dissolve, to swing out. It also contains a text window for creating cool tiles that crawl, scroll, and fly in.

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File types supported by MGI Software Corp. VideoWave

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About file types supported by MGI Software Corp. VideoWave

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Last updated: : March 6, 2014