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What is MemoryMixer?

The simplest way to describe Memory Mixer is to say that it is scrapbooking software. This well-known application from Lasting Impressions can generate multimedia scrapbooks that contain not only images but also videos and audio. Scrapbook designs may be printed too—in fact, Memory Mixer is an online photoprint ordering service for that. Users can choose to print their work themselves, however, or even just export it digitally. For the latter option, users can export it to the Web, send copies written on storage media to their friends, or even just email their designs as PDFs.

The Memory Mixer software comes with a layout error detector, along with a spellchecker built into it. The spellcheck function is not married to a grammar checker, however, so users still need to be careful about the text they add to their projects.

There are design tools within it, of course, that can be used to embellish projects, edit photos, trim objects, and so on. Users can resize and rotate scrapbook objects with these tools, and even work on their scrapbooks in layers to minimize object destruction during the editing process. It is possible to create custom backgrounds and frames too.

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File types supported by MemoryMixer

Our users primarily use MemoryMixer to open these file types:

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