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If you are looking for MaxMSP, you have come to the right place. We explain what MaxMSP is and point you to the official download.

What is MaxMSP?

Cycling74’s MaxMSP or simply Max is two things: a VPL (visual programming language) and a set of modules used specifically for programming multimedia applications. One of the main focuses of Max has always been providing a diagrammatic language for developers working on music applications in particular, and to this day it is still considered one of the foremost—some would say THE foremost—options of its type here.

One of the advantages of diagrammatic programming programs such as Max is that relations between code elements become easier to identify at a glance (since they are visually represented). The Max modules also support instant previewing of any effective changes a programmer might make to his code. Other features of Max include real-time playback/recording functions, spectral processing, and the ability to manipulate samples freely. Multiple data sources are supported by the program, which might be associated most strongly with audio media development but is certainly not restricted to it. Max can be used to generate stunning visual presentations in full 3D and making use of the advanced physics engine. It can also serve as the communications channel for multiple devices in a multimedia installation.

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File types supported by MaxMSP

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About file types supported by MaxMSP

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Last updated: : August 27, 2014