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Lectra Systemes Diamino

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What is Lectra Systemes Diamino?

Lectra Systemes Diamino is a program that Lectra offers in several variants to suit the different industries that use it. This marker-making program can be found in the following editions: DiaminoFashion, DiaminoTech Tex, DiaminoFurniture, and DiaminoFootwear. All of these industries require marker-making as a critical part of their product manufacturing process, and Diamino provides that, with its advanced and optimized algorithms aimed at producing precise and perfect markers while also reducing scrap losses.

Diamino has gone through several iterations, and each has improved on the raw material wastage reduction of the previous version. The idea behind this, of course, is to still get the component necessary from the raw material while reducing the amount of scrap material left over after the trim has been performed along the markers indicated by the software. Diamino is responsible for this because it calculates how best to distribute the markers and shapes along a particular piece of raw material so that as much material is used as possible. It can perform this sort of optimization while also calculating pattern alignment for users who are working with patterned raw material.

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Last updated: : December 14, 2014