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What is HostExplorer?

The HostExlplore is a platform that executes terminal emulation connection to a number of enterprise hosts. Examples of enterprise hosts include UNIX, IBM iSeries, and Linux systems. It provides functionalities to provide solutions for web-to-host and PC-to-host emulation needs.
Systems such as those of IBM Series host enterprise assets amounting to 80% on which business transactions rely. Knowing what these assets entail is crucial in today’s business as it helps each enterprise keep pace with changes in technology.

Using the HostExlplore host can be migrated as a web-based solution without needing any additional training. It also allows enterprises to perform both migration and conversion of macros. It also conforms to and complies with enterprise protocols while keeping all transactions secure.

The application HostExlplore is a tool that companies can use to protect investments made in acquisition of legacy data in order for them to take advantage of the desktop and Internet-based technologies. The application can be executed manually as a host emulator using a browser. This allows connections among people and data through applications such as Telnet VT and TN2370E. All communications established using this emulator are kept secure all the time.

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