GX Developer

What is GX Developer?

The GX Developer FX is a condensed version of the currently available SWD5D5C-GPPW-E from Mitsubishi Electric. It has been designed as a type of programming tool for all Mitsubishi programmable controller FX series. The GX Developer FX includes all of the functionality offered by the complete GX Developer software package, but it is limited to those required when using an FX series PLC. The computer’s main unit should be Pentium (133MHZ or faster), and the operating system should be Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. It needs around 32MB of required memory. Required hard disk space for installation and operation is 80MB or more. The printer should be compatible with Windows.

The GX Developer FX also supports all MELSEC controllers that come from the compact PLCs of the MELSEC FX series, to the modular PLCs which include the MELSEC System Q. This software shines with a simple interface and a short learning curve. The GX Developer also supports a MELSEC instruction list, a MELSEC ladder diagram and a MELSEC sequential function chart language. Users can also switch back and forth between IL and LD at will, while he is working.

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