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Full Disk Encryption

If you are looking for Full Disk Encryption, you have come to the right place. We explain what Full Disk Encryption is and point you to the official download.

What is Full Disk Encryption?

Full Disk Encryption is encryption software intended to provide automatic and maximum security for all data on the hard drives endpoints. Data include Operating System-related files, user data, erased files, and also temporary files. It is equipped with pre-programmed authentication functionality that is based on multi-factor criteria to achieve maximum data protection. This functionality is also intended to protect the identity of the users as well as to prevent data loss due to theft. The software was developed and published by the company Checkpoint.

Full Disk Encryption ensures compliance with issuers of security certifications such as BITS, FIPS. and Common Criteria. It is also compatible with both Windows-based and Mac OS X-based systems.
Users of the software are also guaranteed with protection from illegal access when laptops are stolen or lost. Deployment of the software can also be performed by business owners quickly as it can cater to roughly 50,000 end-users in a single month.

Full Disk Encryption is also equipped with Remote Help that provide users with options to conduct on-time signing in or with password change that can be performed remotely. Users who may have accidentally gotten rid of access tokens can also be assisted via the Web-based help option.

Download Full Disk Encryption from the developer

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Download Full Disk Encryption (external link)


File types supported by Full Disk Encryption

Our users primarily use Full Disk Encryption to open these file types:

About file types supported by Full Disk Encryption

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Last updated: : September 3, 2013