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If you are looking for FreeFileSync, you have come to the right place. We explain what FreeFileSync is and point you to the official download.

What is FreeFileSync?

FreeFileSync is a program designed to facilitate synchronization of files across multiple locations—say across one’s laptop and external HDD—for backup purposes. Developed by Zenju, it is available as a free download with the creator, making PayPal donations from users optional. The program comes with tool tips and an extensive Help database for those new to file synchronization across their devices or folders, and veterans of file synchronization get support for advanced options like customizable FTP settings.

The software also lets users write the rules for their synchronization, making the sync process highly configurable. Unicode is supported, as are 64-bit systems, and cross-platform operations can be run problem-free across Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. The filtering controls allow improved security by specifying which folders or files the program can change in its sync updates, preserving crucial data that users do not want to be altered except through manual operations.

The program also includes a comparison function that lets users compare files across folders prior to syncing. Comparison parameters may be set to date, size, or data (actual content), and the program returns with a detailed report of how the two files differ. This helps users keep tabs on which file is more recent, which contains what information, and which is ultimately better to keep.

Download FreeFileSync from the developer

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Download FreeFileSync (external link)


File types supported by FreeFileSync

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About file types supported by FreeFileSync

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Last updated: : June 1, 2014