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What is FreeAnimeStudio2007?

Anime Studio is a vector-based software used mainly for 2D animations. It was distributed by LostMarble, then later by e frontier. Smith Micro Software began distributing Anime Studio since 2007. Anime Studio comes in two versions: Anime Studio Debut, and Anime Studio Pro. Anime Studio Debut was being restricted as far as its length and image sizes are concerned. And it didn’t have all of the functions included in the Pro version. This software is available for both Windows and Mac. Anime Studio is also available in Japanese, English, Spanish, and German languages. It is no longer supported by the Linux platform.

Anime Studio contains layers of various types of artwork, for switching assets and grouping. Layers can be animated in perspective, as well as animated. There are pressure-sensitive tablets that can be paired up with brush shapes. These can be used to make natural-looking strokes. All artwork made using Anime Studio is resolution-independent. Users can also do tweening of all layers, vector shapes, and bone animation. Anime Studio contains some 3D abilities, which can be used for different camera effects as well as complex set building.

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Last updated: : November 26, 2014