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What is FlashGet?

FlashGet is a download management utility with integration support for various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. While earlier versions were ad-supported, there is currently a zero-adware and zero-spyware edition on offer, and the newest version of the program can also automatically signal a user’s antivirus software to “kick in” and scan a download after it has finished.

FlashGet is equipped with multi-server hyper-threading transportation support, which means it can split the files being downloaded and use more than one point for parallel transfers. This can mean better download speeds as well as improved downloading stability. It is also compatible with various transfer protocols, from HTTP to eMule (and FTP, of course). Users can manage downloads both manually and automatically by setting up specific folders on their disks where they want certain download types to go, then giving the program the rules for sorting through downloads and assigning their locations based on their categorizations and the associated directory for that category. Thus, automated download sorting and placement can be achieved by the user after the initial manual setup of directories.

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File types supported by FlashGet

Our users primarily use FlashGet to open these file types:

Some users also use FlashGet to open these file types:

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