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eXtreme Gammon

If you are looking for eXtreme Gammon, you have come to the right place. We explain what eXtreme Gammon is and point you to the official download.

What is eXtreme Gammon?

eXtreme Gammon is software that allows users to play, learn and improve at the game. External tests on it have revealed the program’s game engine to be of high quality (sufficiently so to post 6 times fewer errors on 3 ply compared to competitor Snowie in a 2012 study). The engine supports multiple levels of play to allow for varying degrees of experience and skill and is combined with an analytical feature that studies player movements in real time for evaluation purposes. Players are given the ability to import game models from the Web for this and can study analyses of their tactical errors even as they continue to play the game.

Users can also take advantage of the program’s Tutor mode, which provides a digital tutor calling out player errors and supplying data for its correction. Unlike other digital tutors, eXtreme Gammon’s recognizes the possibility of its own fallibility by giving players the chance to disagree and argue corrections over a rollout.

The program has multi-language support (French, English, Greek, Japanese, and Russian) and offers a multiplicity of play modes and selections that include the ability to play with clocks and do batch rollouts.

Download eXtreme Gammon from the developer

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Last updated: : June 9, 2014