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If you are looking for e-transcript, you have come to the right place. We explain what e-transcript is and point you to the official download.

What is e-transcript?

E-transcript is a transcription program intended for those in the legal and journalistic professions. It outputs files in a format compatible with most other transcription software and permits users to secure authentication for their documents by adding a digital signature to their files. There are three core programs that make up the E-transcript system, with one—the E-transcript Viewer—being freeware as it does not have authoring abilities and only allows viewing of e-transcript files. The other two, the E-transcript Manager and E-transcript Reporter’s Edition are paid programs and have authoring and management capabilities.

The E-transcript Manager is specifically for those in charge of receipt and collation of reporter transcripts. It has settings for giving e-transcripts a uniform appearance and can build a digital index of words for easy location of particular notes or testimonies. It is capable of applying password protection to transcripts and also has a function for e-signing documents.

The E-transcript Reporter’s Edition, on the other hand, is for actual court reporters. It can also apply e-signatures, has support for ASCII files, can establish a direct line to the E-transcript Manager, and can be installed any number of times once purchased.

Download e-transcript from the developer

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File types supported by e-transcript

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About file types supported by e-transcript

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Last updated: : December 1, 2022