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DigiDoc3 Client

What is DigiDoc3 Client?

DigiDoc3 Client is a program that is used to allow signing of ID-card as well as of the Mobile-ID digitally and is integrated in the national ID-card software of the country –Estonia. This software is exclusively used by Estonian Information System’s Authority, a government institute of the said country. With the use of this program, the signatures are validated. The digital signature specimens are then saved in a specific signature folder. All files signed using this software will have the extension files .bdoc and .ddoc.

The country of Estonia has also recommended to update the Operating Systems and this information was disclosed by the Estonian Information System’s Authority. This brought about by the security issues they faced concerning Windows XP which Microsoft was not able to address. This will eventually have an impact on the use of certain programs and particularly with ID system programming tool DigiDoc3 Client.

One-third of computer users in Estonia make use of Windows XP and this was proven by 32% of the state portal users. The Certification Center of the Estonian Information System’s Authority also reports that the users of DigiDoc3 Client under XP amounts to 29.7% of users.

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