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Diagram Designer

What is Diagram Designer?

Diagram Designer is a vector graphics editor developed by Michael Vinther that offers users to design simple yet professional flow charts intended to be presented by business people. Aside from creating flow charts, this software is also used to create slide shows and diagrams. This software uses compressed file format to minimize the drawing file size.

For its features, Diagram Designer includes a customizable spell-checker, template object palette, "pocket" calculator, and a simple graph plotter. The graph plotter is used to plot mathematical expressions while the “pocket” calculator is an advanced program with an equation solver.

There are additional new features of this software which are the improved connector routing and text formatting. With this added feature, users can access Help files within the program or on the internet to maximize its use. Also, on the of the software’s window pane, fill charts with colors, arrows, and shapes to better design diagrams.

In enhancing texts with the use of Bold, Italic, or other formats, users need to access them through MTML codes. Overall, Diagram Designer is a freeware that creates diagrams, flow charts, and slide shows.

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File types supported by Diagram Designer

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