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CoDeSys for Automation Alliance

What is CoDeSys for Automation Alliance?

CoDeSys is an automation development environment for programming industrial controllers. The software complies with the international standard set down by IEC 61131-3, which defines 5 programming languages for use with logic controllers, all of which can be used in CoDeSys: the 2 graphical programming languages of function block diagram and ladder diagram; the 2 textual languages of structured text and instruction list; and lastly, the step-oriented sequential function chart language. Users of CoDeSys can program with any of these languages and also get the added benefit of a visual editor called the Continuous Function Chart, which allows unguided diagram creation.

The software is not just a programming environment, but also a debugging tool, at least when it is on the network. It is extensible and compatible with multiple platforms, and supports user-driven visualization of the software itself; allowing users to create a visual interface or “mask” on top of the software and use that to control the devices already programmed using CoDeSys.

The CoDeSys developer is 3S-Smart Software Solutions, a German group. As such, the program’s primary user base is also German, although it can be found in use among US industrial settings as well.

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