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Classroom Performance System

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What is Classroom Performance System?

Classroom Performance System (CPS) is a student response tool that utilizes wireless connectivity. The device, known as clicker, enables real-time student and teacher interaction; where students are able to input their answers to test questions by clicking on any of the colored buttons on the clicker. Each button corresponds to a specific answer.

In order for the instructor to view and assess each student’s response, a software program needs to be installed on the computer. CPS software is compatible with Windows systems. The CPS toolkit includes a response pad, an enrollment code and a receiver unit. The toolkit comes with a CD installer, which provides the user with two applications: CPS Database and CPSOnline Class.

The CPS Database application, which saves databases in a .cps format, allows the instructor to create a list of students enrolled in their classes. Questions pertaining to each lesson and student performance reports are also inputted in the database.

The CPSOnline Class on the other hand, provides the user with an application that enables them to input a more detailed listing of their students. Here, students’ names, their pad ID numbers, and student ID numbers are inputted. The primary function of the application however, is to enable instructors to make student grades, lessons, and performance results available on the Internet.

Classroom Performance System is software that is enabled to run on Windows 98 or higher.

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Last updated: : March 14, 2013