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Cakewalk Express

If you are looking for Cakewalk Express, you have come to the right place. We explain what Cakewalk Express is and point you to the official download.

What is Cakewalk Express?

Cakewalk Express was one of the first releases of the Twelve Tone Systems company, which is now known as Cakewalk (after its most famous product). It was one of the versions of the Cakewalk software, which came in Express and Pro. Even the product has changed its name now, being called SONAR at this time. That said, both the current and early iterations share much the same key features and serve as MIDI sequencing applications.

Both the Pro and Express versions of Cakewalk were initially released for Windows operating systems and required that the computing environment have an MPU-401 MIDI interface card. Support for non-intelligent versions was only added later on. Both versions were also categorized as digital audio workstations, as they were used for audio composition or musical authoring. To that end, they boasted piano rolls, staff windows, recording utilities, playback tools, and myriad audio editing controls. Perhaps most importantly of all, though, they had CAL support, which meant they were fairly unique among DAWs in their time as scriptable applications. The Express version restricted the number of audio and MIDI tracks it could play but was otherwise similar to the Pro version.

Download Cakewalk Express from the developer

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Last updated: : December 10, 2014