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C-Free Professional

If you are looking for C-Free Professional, you have come to the right place. We explain what C-Free Professional is and point you to the official download.

What is C-Free Professional?

C-Free Professional functions mainly as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which can be utilized for two programming languages namely C and C++. It is developed by Wo Junjun and enables users to build, run, modify, manipulated as well as debug any program written with C and C++ programming languages. It can likewise be utilized in any stand-alone environment for programming.

Launching C-Free Professional also allows users to benefit from quick keyboard response and a tooltip. It also lets users detect any modification made on files and can prompt users to rebuild them. Tracing is done seamlessly as it can easily be integrated with GDB. It has simple start and stop buttons which can be clicked on when running or terminating its use. It has the functionalities found in IDEs which include hiding toolbars, inputting texts and symbols, docking windows, and changing the background color. it can also be used with multiple compilers . A project wizard can also be used to provide further guidance in using this program.

C-Free Professional also has the functionality of code navigation which highlights different commands namely ‘Find Reference and Jump to Definition’. Hex Data can also be edited and programming can also be done in HTML using this IDE.

Download C-Free Professional from the developer

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Download C-Free Professional (external link)


File types supported by C-Free Professional

Our users primarily use C-Free Professional to open these file types:

About file types supported by C-Free Professional

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Last updated: : July 31, 2013