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Borland C++

What is Borland C++?

Borland C++ plus is an integrated programming language intended for both Microsoft and MS-DOS Operating Systems. This is the enhanced version of Turbo C++. This programming language is equipped with Turbo Debugger which was programmed using the DOS protected mode. Several versions of Borland C++ have been available on the market since its creation in the early 90s.

A group of C++ classes is integrated into the Object Windows Library (OWL) in order to generate graphical application on Windows. The C graphics BGI is mainly used by Borland Compilers beginner users and allows them to interact directly with Monitor even with the absence of a driver installation.

Other versions of the Borland language are the Borland Power Pack for DOS and Borland CodeGuard. The former is used to generate both 16 and 32-bit DOS application protected mode. This protected mode can provide users a limited access to the Windows API scope as well as to Windows DLL call functions. The latter is used to integrate an intrumentalization code that is mainly utilized for pointer usage monitoring. It is also delivered in two modes – 16 and 32-bit applications.

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