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What is BluffTitler?

BluffTitler needs the latest version of DirectX 9, alongside Windows 8, 7, and Vista. It also needs an Intel Pentium compatible processor, 512 MB RAM, and 10 MB hard disk space. Advanced effects such as bump mapping and cube shading are available if the graphics card supports pixel shade version 2.0.

BluffTitler has 2 new properties in the particle layer, 4 new buttons in the browser panel, and 2 new views in Set Show Resolution. BluffTitler uses a title system that hides text that isn’t meant to be made as template texts. A BluffTitler show is composed of different layers. Each layer can have its own text and pictures. Lighting and material effects are stored in effect files, a Direct X technology used for storing render states, vertex and pixel shaders. Other features include: Limit texture resolution to show resolutions, and an autofolding layer hierarchy. BluffTitler comes with more than 70 effects.

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File types supported by BluffTitler

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