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Bizagi Process Modeler

If you are looking for Bizagi Process Modeler, you have come to the right place. We explain what Bizagi Process Modeler is and point you to the official download.

What is Bizagi Process Modeler?

The Bizagi Process Modeler is a flow chart application created by BizAgi. It targets the employers and managers who need to plot and illustrate their business processes. Since its first release, the software received multiple awards due to its reliability and efficiency. Since then, the publisher has recorded over 2million downloads of the Bizagi process modeler. The Bizagi process modeler creates an attractive flow chart for business, companies and industries. With its colorful and artistic effects, users can easily emphasize their charts. Moreover, the symbols and text descriptions of the flow charts created by Bizagi are easy to understand. Thus, the management will have no problem with regards to the difficulty of the charts.

The interface of the Bizagi process modeler is specifically designed to adapt the appearance of the Microsoft Windows Office suite. It has a tab menu on top of the screen down to the left side. These menus contain tools for the drag and drop feature. Users can easily drag and drop the symbols and other elements of the flow chart. Apart from this, the users can add different styles on lines that connect the symbols. The Bizagi process modeler can also divide the charts into different groups or parties such as employee and employer. The Bizagi process modeler flow charts can be exported in different formats. It can be exported as a word document, image file, PDF file, Visio files, and XPDL files. On the other hand, the software supports Visio files, and XPDL files for importing charts.

The recent update of the software has made a lot of improvements on its features and compatibility. Apart from the Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 7, the software also supports Windows 8 operating system. It also supports Microsoft Word 2013 and Open Office applications. The publisher also developed a new web help for users that has a difficulty in using the program. Generally, the user interface of the Bizagi process modeler is simplified for users.

Download Bizagi Process Modeler from the developer

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Last updated: : January 26, 2014