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If you are looking for BioAnnotator, you have come to the right place. We explain what BioAnnotator is and point you to the official download.

What is BioAnnotator?

The BioAnnotator is a software that is used for functional analysis and annotation of protein and DNA sequences. The users can use public and proprietary protein motif databases for protein characterization as they incorporate the results as permanent annotations; this done as an easy first step in using the software. Additionally, the software also characterizes proteins and DNAs using numerous physico-chemical scales for presentation.

The software does not transmit over the internet as Protein motif databases are stored on the desktop; this also enables fast operations as the motif databases are stored locally. The software has the ability to convert analyses into permanent annotations on query molecules as they are viewed in the Vector NTI Molecule View windows. It also has the ability to perform simultaneous multiple sequence analysis through various tools. In saving as an Analysis Result object, it is used within the Vector NTI Local Database and can be used for data mining.

Basic features of the software include: protein motifs mapping through stored copies of the Pfam, PROSITE, and Blocks databases; proteolytic cleavage characterization using multiple proteases, while taking note of the protease cleavage efficiency; create and configure custom proteases; annotate protein sequences; plot physicochemical characteristics; and many others.

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File types supported by BioAnnotator

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Last updated: : August 5, 2014