If you are looking for BEWERBUNGSMASTER *** APPLICATION-MASTER, you have come to the right place. We explain what BEWERBUNGSMASTER *** APPLICATION-MASTER is and point you to the official download.


BEWERBUNGSMASTER *** APPLICATION-MASTER is a German-language program that helps users generate professional, appealing job application documents in a flash. Examples of documents that the program is capable of helping users make would be letters of application or cover letters, resumes, curriculum vitae, and personal profiles. These documents are all generally par for the course when one is applying for a job in Germany, so BewerbungsMaster (which translates to Application Master in English) can be very helpful for those uncertain of how best to “sell themselves” to hiring personnel.

Users can export their resumes and other application documents as PDFs if desired, or as word documents. The program also maintains a database of all the submitted and created applications so that users can keep track of which applications have been accepted or rejected. Users are taught too how to code job references through the software, which also provides a utility for searching for job vacancies. It also promises to store all the user’s data on his computer and not on the company’s servers when the program is connected to the Web to make use of its online features.

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Last updated: : September 3, 2014