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Autodesk VIZ Render

What is Autodesk VIZ Render?

Autodesk VIZ Render is a rendering program that used to be bundled with Autodesk’s Architectural Desktop software. Autodesk Architectural Desktop is essentially the editing program for designs, and Autodesk would serve as the rendering (visualizing or producing) end of the Autodesk model production process. A user could link files in the two to see how a design from Architectural Desktop would look once produced in a full 3D form by VIZ Render, and if so desired, could edit the design to trigger equivalent alterations in the 3D form produced by the VIZ Render software.

Once object geometrics have been set, users would turn to VIZ Render for the rest of the work, using its Materials palette to assign materials to surfaces, setting lighting options and camera locations, defining textures and colors, and so on. Only the actual drawing geometry would be edited with Architectural Desktop, since VIZ Render was incapable of handling that. Instead, it handled radiosity, transformative animations, object substitution, and of course, the production of the image from the specified model/drawing. It also had several plug-ins that gave users added tools for rendering architectural images, such as the EASYnat plug-in for 3-dimensional flora.

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File types supported by Autodesk VIZ Render

Our users primarily use Autodesk VIZ Render to open these file types:

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