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Attachmate Software

What is Attachmate Software?

Attachmate Software is a terminal emulation software used to manage transactions and legacy assets of airlines,. This software is developed and released by a company of the same name –Attachmate.
One of the main functions of the software is to manage enterprise fraud. The software lets you identify possible frauds related to the company operation and by doing so, the companies gets fewer complaints and also pass audits successfully. It performs this task without the need to change any code line.

It likewise monitors and manages file transfers within a network. Certain files must remain confidential and should only be transferred within limited boundaries. The software checks whether the boundaries are respected and sends immediate reports if proven otherwise. Mainframe data are checked and monitored constantly. It remains keen on supervising the logistics procedure of a company using its technology called AttachmateMobileNow.

Attachmate Software is also applicable in monitoring government transactions. It is equipped with tool s that provides security to host access and it keeps pace with the changes in the IT networks of any company. This software is now applicable to Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems.

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File types supported by Attachmate Software

Our users primarily use Attachmate Software to open these file types:

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