Atmel AVRStudio

What is Atmel AVRStudio?

The AVR is a modified Harvard architecture, 8-bit RISC single chip microcontroller. It was developed by Antel in 1996. The AVR was one of the first microcontroller families that used an on-chip flash memory for program storage. The AVR’s program and data are stored in a separate physical memory system. Flash, EEPROM, and SRAM are all integrated in a single chip, removing the need for an external memory in most applications. Program instructions are stored in a non-volatile flash memory. Each instruction takes around one of two 16-bit words. All of Atmel’s ATRs contain a two-stage, single level pipeline design.

Key features of the AVRStudio include support for 300+ Atmel AVR and SAM3, SAM4, and SAM D20 devices. It has a source code library including drivers, communication stacks, graphic services, and touch functionality. The ASF enables customers to focus on application differentiation, design time. Atmel has an online app store for development tools and embedded software from Atmel third parties.

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File types supported by Atmel AVRStudio

Our users primarily use Atmel AVRStudio to open these file types:

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