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Art of Illusion

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What is Art of Illusion?

Peter Eastman’s Art of Illusion is 3D modeling software, a program often used for the production of computer-generated 3D static or dynamic imagery. While many of its users often make use of its photorealistic rendering tools, the program is in fact able to generate non-photorealistic 3D as well.

What makes Art of Illusion noteworthy, especially given its stability as a program, is that it packs serious punch for 3D image creation despite its status as a free-to-use program. In fact, some of its features are not ones found in comparable freeware and can be compared only to features found in high-end professional programs.

Users of the software can create advanced 3D animation using skeletal animation and inverse kinematics. Textures range from uniform and procedural 2D/3D to image mapped, and textures are also animatable. Multithreaded rendering is available, with users given more than a few light scattering choices. Users can create smart objects too via the program’s scripting language (Beanshell) and can perform post-processing using the photo filters preloaded onto the program. Examples of importable file formats include DEM, GEO, POV, 3DS, INC, LWO, and DXF.

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Last updated: : September 4, 2014