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Adobe Edge Animate

If you are looking for Adobe Edge Animate, you have come to the right place. We explain what Adobe Edge Animate is and point you to the official download.

What is Adobe Edge Animate?

Adobe Edge Animate, previously known as Adobe Edge, is a program that allows users to integrate animation into their Web pages.

To create a new project, the user may click on the Create New button displayed on the Welcome screen, or clicking the New option from the dropdown list under the File menu. When either of these options has been selected, the user is provided with a blank page, which is called Stage. The Stage creation area is where the user will add all elements that they want to integrate into the animation.

To configure the parameters of the elements, the Layout Preferences utility found on the toolbar provides the user with tools for setting the layout. The user may opt to use the default parameters of the layout, or set specific values; such as setting the width and height of the element, setting corner alignment, and horizontal and vertical position units. For images, the user may select the “img” tag for all images, and enable the program to automate image width and height.

The user is also provided with drawing tools for creating vector images, or the user may likewise add other vector files created from external programs that are supported by the software (Illustrator, Photoshop or Fireworks).

Download Adobe Edge Animate from the developer

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Download Adobe Edge Animate (external link)


File types supported by Adobe Edge Animate

Our users primarily use Adobe Edge Animate to open these file types:

About file types supported by Adobe Edge Animate

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Last updated: : May 21, 2013