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What is 3DC?

3DC is referred to as a lossy data compression platform or algorithm particularly used for maps which were first implemented and invented by ATI Technologies. In the field of Information Technology, data encoding is pertained to as lossy compression. It basically means that the platform minimizes the amount of data being transmitted within a system or network. This platform also has other aliases namely Block Compression, BC5, and DXN.

3DC is designed using an open standard and is established using DXT5 algorithm. Aside from ATI Technologies, this platform is also used by Nvidia. This platform also has a target application which serves as an extension of what is pertained to as bump mapping. This process stimulated the lighting present on any geometric surfaces and is performed by reading the normals from any rectangular or grid analogous. This platform is also developed by the fact that 3D hardware does not always have the precision required for the production of normal maps as it produces excessive artifacts.

3DC also has an enhanced version called 3DC+ which is capable of compressing textures, HDR materials, and light maps. This version comes with an alias BC4. This platform functions mainly on Windows-based systems.

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