3D Mol Viewer for Vector NTI

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What is 3D Mol Viewer for Vector NTI?

The 3D Mol Viewer for Vector NTI is a freeware program which lets scientists analyse and learn about biological molecules. It includes a small subset of functions which come from complex Vector NTI Suite software. It is a fully integrated set of design and sequence analysis tools which assists users in analysing, sharing, manipulating, viewing, changing, and publicizing different kinds of molecular biology data, all inside an analysis environment.

It can manage and store collections, show maps, and look for sequences. Users can compare, contrast, and analyse these sequences. This program contains some primers for PCR, a cloning strategy used for sequencing and cloning, as well as gel simulations of sequences. Also included is a contig assembly, as well as validations for both literature and sequencing. Its newly-built interface serves as a type of virtual project canvas for both a simplified drag-and-drop vector construction, and a sequence alignment between projects. This program offers access to GeneArt Web tools so users can reach their optimized levels in protein expression. This new interface is also fast-paced. It contains support for the Mac OS X, together with some new bioinformatics tools from Life Technologies.

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Last updated: : September 24, 2014