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LOCALSTORAGE-JOURNAL file extension is used for file caching information that is created using Google Chrome browser. Files with a suffix of .localstorage-journal contains temporary data that are in SQLite database format. LOCALSTORAGE-JOURNAL files are often tagged with rollback journal files.

A rollback journal is created for the purpose of managing the old database that Chrome uses. The browsing process depends on the database. If the process detects it is necessary to change the database for efficiency and effectiveness, the rollback journal is created to protect the data in previous database.

The rollback journal is an ordinary disk file located in the same database directory that Chrome currently uses, so when the change occurs - two database files are saved in the directory. The old one is named with a .localstorage-journal file suffix and the new one is named like the old one, but without the -journal suffix.

The rollback journal also takes note of the original memory size of the previous database so that if the new database file grows, it can be shortened back to its original size using the rollback journal.

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