Opening DV5 files

Did your computer fail to open a DV5 file? We explain what DV5 files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your DV5 files.

What is a DV5 file?

The .dv5 file extension is used in files that mainly store digital video data recorded using digital video recorders (dvr) and close circuit television or CCTV. DV5 file type is a proprietary container format, designed to store records archives made with a certain type of DVR devices.

DV5 is a video format specially invented and promoted by Asian digital video recorder manufacturers and distributors to place their DVR products in the market. Customers often look for DVR devices and applications that support .dv5 format due to its enhanced video quality. DV5 is primarily associated with files that are mainstream in AVTech DVRs, CCTV, and IP cameras. AVTech is a Taiwanese company that is widely known to support security and intelligence needs using video surveillance technology.

Like other private DVR-related formats, DV5 is based on using the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video codec because of its space-efficient compression algorithm.

Try a universal file viewer

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By Prof. Jones (The File Expert)

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