DLL File - opening and understanding

Did your computer fail to open a DLL file? We explain what they are used for and recommend software that we know can open or otherwise handle your .DLL files.

What is a DLL file?

DLL files, also called Dynamic Link Libraries, contain a collection of executable functions and information that can be used by a variety of Windows programs. A .DLL file cannot run on its own. It is loaded and used by a program executable (EXE file), so you should not try to run them on their own.If you are getting DLL errors, we strongly suggest you check your PC for errors and malware. It could also be that you installed a program that accidently replaced a newer version of a DLL file with an older one, causing other programs to crash or display DLL errors.At File.org we strongly recommend that you use DLL-Files Fixer to repair your damaged system files. It is the only program we have found of its kind that can actually repair your damaged files by replacing them by the originals!

How to open DLL files

You will need a program compatible with the specific file you are trying to open, as different programs may use files with file extension DLL for different purposes.

While we have not verified the apps ourselves yet, our users have suggested 2 different DLL openers which you will find listed below.

Suggest another file format using extension DLL

While we know of one file format using the .DLL file extension, there may be more. It is widespread that different programs use files with the same file extension for very different types of data. Please let us know if you are aware of a different kind of .DLL file.