Did your computer fail to open a DESKTHEMEPACK file? We explain what DESKTHEMEPACK files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your DESKTHEMEPACK files.

What is a DESKTHEMEPACK file?

The DESKTHEMEPACK file format was developed by Microsoft as a system and data archive file format for Windows 8 and Windows 10. These are desktop theme packages that are used for multi-monitor configurations. A .deskthemepack file can be opened and used by the Windows 8 and 10 OS.These .deskthemepack files may contain images, text formatting attributes, graphical layout elements and other resources among various metadata details that are used by the Windows 8 and 10 OS to implement the themes into the desktop. A .deskthemepack file may also contain two or more desktop themes for the multi-monitor configuration of Windows 8 and Windows 10.It is recommended to leave these .deskthemepack files alone, in order for the Windows 8 and 10 OS to be able to properly use the files. There are certain Windows 7 configurations that can allow the OS to use these .deskthemepack files.

Try a universal file viewer

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