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What are ACSM files and how to open them

Are you having problems opening an ACSM file or are you simply curious about its contents? We're here to explain the properties of these files and provide you with software that can open or handle your ACSM files.

What is an ACSM file?

An .ACSM file is an Adobe Content Server Message file.

These files provide licensed users access to digital publications like e-books and magazines.

A common misunderstanding is that an ACSM file is an actual e-book - it is not. It contains the information needed to download an e-book or digital magazine through the Adobe Digital Editions e-book reader.

When you purchase an e-book or magazine online, it gets linked to your Adobe ID. When you open the provided ACSM file with Adobe Digital Editions, it checks with the Adobe Content Server, which is Adobe's Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform, if you have the needed license to view the document. If it checks out OK, the actual publication is downloaded to your device so you can view it.

Can ACSM files be converted to PDF?

No, they cannot. They do not contain the publication you want to view. They contain a link to Adobe's license validation service. Open the file with the Adobe Digital Editions software, and the software will validate if you have a valid license for the publication - and if you do, it will download it so you can view it.

How to open ACSM files

We have identified one ACSM opener that is compatible with this specific type of ACSM file.

Programs that open Adobe Content Server Message files

Last updated: April 25, 2024

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