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Zoo Tycoon Endangered Species

If you are looking for Zoo Tycoon Endangered Species, you have come to the right place. We explain what Zoo Tycoon Endangered Species is and point you to the official download.

What is Zoo Tycoon Endangered Species?

Zoo Tycoon Endangered Species comes with a complete collection package. It is the official mini-pack for Zoo Tycoon. This program gives the player new animals, including rare ones like the koala and the Florida panther. The game also comes with new innovations such as sky trams, Jeep rides, elevated paths and new challenges and campaigns. With the Jeep vehicle tours, players can also drive through their own zoo exhibits. They can construct bridges and observation decks for a new and fresh view of their animals. But it doesn’t stop there – There are also new endangered species themed buildings, exploding volcanoes, sceneries, as well as a whole new set of campaigns and challenges.

Endangered Species gives the game with required graphics patches and updates. By changing the water’s detail to the ‘very high’ setting, players will be able to set the water in Zoo Tycoon 2 reflective. Food, trees, and all 2D objects in the game have been updated to 3D. With the Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One, your imagination can run wild. Users can construct their dream zoo by themselves, or with up to four friends on Xbox Live, selecting from animals and a detailed section of environments.

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Last updated: : September 10, 2014