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ZOC Terminal

If you are looking for ZOC Terminal, you have come to the right place. We explain what ZOC Terminal is and point you to the official download.

What is ZOC Terminal?

The ZOC Terminal s a terminal emulator that lets the user enter character-based hosts through different modes of communication such as the Secure Shell, RS232/serial, the telnet and the ISDN. The ZOC Terminal is well known for its being user friendly and easy configurability. Its user interface has the “colorful tabs” for its tabbed sessions which show different connected hosts. It can be also used to connect the computers running on Linux or Unix operating systems, IBM mainframes and Blackberries to the serial ports of the computer.

Aside from its colorful tabs, the ZOC Terminal sports a wide range of functions such as supporting multiple windows, command history typing and the scroll-back among others making it user-friendly when accessing text-based shell accounts in computers using any Windows o Mac OS X operating systems. The ZOC Terminal also boasts unique features to itself. These features include automated actions that are triggered depending on a line trace feature or on what data is received.

This terminal emulator supports many consoles, phones and operating systems such as the Wyse, Xterm, vt220, the Sun’s CDE and Linux, and because of its meta-key functions, full colors and local printing users will feel as if they are using their own consoles

Download ZOC Terminal from the developer

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Download ZOC Terminal (external link)


File types supported by ZOC Terminal

Our users primarily use ZOC Terminal to open these file types:

About file types supported by ZOC Terminal

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Last updated: : October 17, 2013